George Farkas

George Farkas is president and CEO of XBI Software Inc. He is a past chair of XBRL Canada and of XBRL Canada's marketing, communications and adoption working group. He is an editor of the Canadian GAAP PFS taxonomy, an editor of the International XBRL Global Ledger Taxonomy and he serves on several XBRL International working groups. He is a member of the SBR (standard business reporting) Forum.

Previously, he was president and CEO of Dr Tax Software Inc, a premier supplier of tax software to Canadian accountants and tax professionals, and of Dr Tax Inc, the first company to create a Web-based tax preparation program in Canada. Under his vision and leadership, the Dr Tax team developed Dr Tax Software from an idea to the second largest company in its market segment. He created the dream of easy, quick web-based tax preparation and led the UFile team to build the first and best Web-based tax application in Canada.